Gurukul Switzerland

Gurukul Switzerland is the recently opened branch of worldwide Gurukul Studios. The studio, beautifully located amidst the Alps and nature in the canton of Aargau, is the new abode of Kathak. Here, Kathak is practised and nurtured in its purest form incorporating the elements of yoga.

The philosophy of dance and teaching is based on the ISTD, UK syllabus which is designed to give the candidate an experience of the rich diversity of Kathak in its worldwide context and as it flourishes in the wider diaspora today. A holistic training is provided under the age old system of ‘Guru Shishya Parampara’, which aims to give a cultural experience true to Kathak’s Indian heritage and in tune with the global cultural context in which it is now being practised.

Gurukul’s artistic director Pali Chandra has developed a systematic and well-structured training program which includes theory, music, aspects of culture and issues of health and safety in dancing. Workshops and performances form an intergral part of the learning program. Initiatives like ‘Parampara’ and ‘Taalmala’ are held annually to enhance and reinforce the learning. Opportunities are given to dancers to display their talent every year in ‘Dancing Divas’, and the best of the advanced students get the opportunity for solo presentation during their ‘Rangmanch’

Teaching and Admissions

The courses are categorised into Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced levels. For admissions into Intermediate and Advanced, prior training is required. However for the Beginner course, there is no pre-requisite. Our training courses are skill specific and not age specific. Although people of any age can join the Beginners programme, we recommend 5 years of age as a good starting point.

Learning and Evaluation

Gurukul follows a rigorous international syllabus for its Kathak training program based on the guidelines provided by ISTD, UK. Standard learning and evaluation techniques are employed.

A general outline of the courses on Classical, Contemporary, Sufi and Yoga Kathak designed by Pali Chandra with her training experience and international exposure of more than two decades, is highlighted below, where due emphasis is given to following elements.


arrow Body Language
arrow Flexibility through vedic yogic postures
arrow Correct body alignment
arrow Safe dancing techniques
arrow Understanding the proper execution of Laya and Taal (Rhythm)
arrow Understanding of the relevant music and literature
arrow Confidence building and self-expression
arrow Performance opportunities

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